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Babies & Inventive Eating Techniques

Posted on February 12th, by Poppets Mum in BLW Post. 2 comments


Over the past few months we’ve seen Poppet do a few really funny things with food. There was the face planting on her tray to eat yoghurt, and the spaghetti dangle. But today she had us in absolute stitches with her inventiveness. Normally we use cloth bibs but we’d run out, so ‘G’ got out her solid plastic ‘pelican mouth’ bib. You know the kind, they have that scooped mouth at the bottom to catch falling food. Anyway, it kept Poppet entertained for a while – she spent ages gazing at the bits of dinner (meatloaf, peas, broccolli and mash) and then she lifted the bib, dropped her bottom lip underneath it, and lifted the bib some more. And hey presto! In rolled a pea, then some meatloaf Luckily I had my phone to hand so we managed to … Read More »

From The BLW Blog

Our BLW Blog has been live since late 2009 when our first child started eating. Hopefully it provides an insight, resource and help to other parents starting out with baby led weaning. If you have any questions or comments please do comment we reply as often as possible. Also let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see on the blog. Enjoy!

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